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Training Calendar

This Calendar displays OPEN and RESERVED On-Water training spots for Level 2 & 3 lessons
with instructors. (Level 1 Ground Courses are offered every other Sunday morning and are only scheduled                             with online purchase)  For clients ready to hit the water in Levels 2 or 3, if you see a spot that says OPEN                            and fits with your schedule, email the school manager to reserve it and we will confirm if you got                                      the spot reserved within the day. From there, your instructor or school manager will be in contact with you about                     conditions and meeting time (Typically 1-2pm in Everett) and Final Updates will go out the evening befor your                       training by 8:30pm via email to confirm the lesson is a Go or need for meeting time change or reschedule.                         You can also reserve a second back-up date, but can only have a maximun of 2 dates on the Calendar at one time.


Once you have paid the lesson deposit upfront online, we will also add your email to the scheduling calendar so you receive Updates (Invitations to Train) for new or last minute spots posted by instructors who become available. Of course you can opt out of the the updates by request.  We call this the HOT LIST becasue spots can often get reserved by our clients very quickly, as once a spot is posted it goes to the first to respond & reserve it.  All spots must be confirmed by the instructor or school manager.  If you see a last minute spot that works better than your current reservation, you can trade it for you current spot by confirming with both instructors.

Also consider following Kite School Blog for updates on Weather and school status with the Jeffrocast.

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