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Training Calendar

This Calendar will display OPEN and RESERVED on water training spots 1-2 months in advance
by instructors. If you see a spot that says OPEN and fits with your schedule, email instructor or school
manager to reserve it and we will be in contact with you about weather and location for training as
the date gets closer and will work with you to reschedule if necessary. You can also reserve a second
back-up date, but can only have a maximun of 2 dates on the books at one time to allow others to get
on the calendar as well. It is not advised to reserve consecutive dates.

Once you have paid the 1/2 lesson deposit we will add your email to the scheduling calendar so you
will also receive updates on new or last minute spots posted by instructors who become available
on fair wind days. If you see as last minute spot that works better than your current reservation, you can
trade it for you current spot by confirming with instructors.

Also consider following our general Forecast updates about wind, tide and beach options throughout
the year with Jeffro's Wind Forecast, as many riders do,  even when they have progressed.                

Trainings spots are posted as first come first serve and can often be reserved quickly once posted.

Wind Forecast