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The Urban Surf Team

Our Team of Internationally Certified Instructors are all Pacific NW Natives and accomplished riders. They know the regions wind conditions well and what it take to become an Independent Kiteboader here. They are all very effective communicators and provide a safe learning experience that matches your ability level to break down the components kiteboarding so you progress quickly.


Robin Ogaard Owner

Riding since: The dawn of days... at least in kiteboarding years!

Riding style: Progressive Old School.

Where you’ll find me: GG ’s, Magnuson, Jetty Island.

Favorite thing about kiting: One of the best parts of Kiting for me is that the Seattle area has so much to offer... I love to travel for wind but also love having great conditions right here in my back yard...

Favorite kiting spots: I have been fortunate to have been able to travel out of the country and around the states to kite but enjoy a good northerly in the summer at Golden Garden as much as anywhere..."

photo: jimstringfellow.com

Jeffro   Kiteschool Manager / Instructor/ Examiner

Riding since: 2001 Teaching for over 10 years, Examiner of new Instructors with the IKO

Riding style:  Surf & a little bit of Wakestyle is what I like these days! 

Where you’ll find me: Jetty Island, El Gorge, The Coast.

Favorite thing about kiting: I enjoy the true pure freedom of entering a new state of mind while riding. Harnessing the power of a force you cannot see is definitely an exciting ride!

On instructing: Its great seeing the spark ignite in our students, watching them progress and hearing how their new addiction has taken over their life just like all kiteboarders.

Favorite kiting spots: Brazil, Maui, Oahu, Mexico, Australia, Thailand, Vietnam.

photo: jimstringfellow.com

Devin Carroll Instructor / Shop Manager

Riding since: 2006

Riding style: Freeride / Freestyle

Where you’ll find me: Riding the Puget Sound, Hood River, La Ventana.

Favorite thing about kiting: I love the freedom, challenges, lessons, and great people that Kiteboarding has brought to me. It is a great escape from everything else happening on land.

Other activities: If I’m not Kiting you might find me Snowboarding or Mt. Biking somewhere in the Cascades. I am also rarely found without my buddy Tyce by my side.

Mantra: Live the life you love and love the life you live.

photo: SELF

Ross Moore Instructor/ Sales

Riding since: 2010 

Riding style: Go big, or go home! 

Where you’ll find me: Jetty Island

Favorite thing about kiting: Spending time with Devin

On Instructing: Crossfit on the water.

Favorite kiting spots: Jetty Island

Other activities: Basketball, Auctioneering


Zachary Price Instructor

Riding since: 2005

Riding style: Freestyle / Freeride. I like to go big and ride smooth.

Where you’ll find me: Carkeek, Richmond Beach, Double Bluff, Juanita and Jetty Island.

Favorite thing about kiting: Kiting is a meditation for me as I have to be totally focused on the present moment. However, during those times of total focus the most inspired thoughts make themselves recognized. I also enjoy the aspect that the ways to express yourself through kiting maneuvers are endless. Most of all, kiteboarding is just fun!

On instructing: I really enjoy the vicarious feeling of watching my students progress and to feel how much fun kitesurfing is.

Favorite kiting spots: Mue Ne Vietnam, Phan Rang Vietnam, Phu Quy Vietnam, Kauai, The G orge, The Washington Coast, Nearly every spot in Puget Sound.

photo: jessica humphries
Steve Sibborn-jpg

Stephen Sibborn Instructor / Team Rider

Riding since: 2003

Riding style: Freestyle / Freeride / Waves & Sliders 

Where you’ll find me: Puget Sound, Gorge, Coast – Come Find ME ! 

Favorite thing about kiting: The ability to pack up and get out in a variety of great year-round conditions that the NW provides. 

On instructing: I enjoy sharing the stoke I have for the sport and pushing others to progress their riding skills to the next level. 

Favorite kiting spots: Mexico, Hawaii, Hatteras, South Padre Island.

Other activities: Snowboarding, Wakeboarding, Sailing, Hiking.

photo: jimstringfellow.com
Eric Sandstrom-jpg

Erik Sandstrom instructor

Riding since: 2008 

Riding style: Strapless F-16's!

Where you’ll find me: Golden Gardens, Carkeek, WA / OR / CAL Coasts. 

Favorite thing about kiting: The pure freedom. 

On instructing: I make rippers! 

Other activities: Surfing

photo: jimstringfellow.com
Jeff Heckathorn-jpg

Jeff Heckathorn Instructor

Riding since: May 2008 

Riding style: Freeride / Waves 

Where you’ll find me: Riding year-round at the greater Seattle sites. 

Favorite thing about kiting: I enjoy the variety of conditions (low and high winds, waves and flat water), learning from others, teaching others. Took lessons at Jetty Island with Urban Surf, been an addict ever since. 

Favorite kiting spots: Maui, La Ventana Mexico, Pismo Beach California.

photo: jimstringfellow.com

Bart Eland Instructor

Riding since: 2006

Riding style: Freestyle and strapless surfboard.

Where you’ll find me: Anywhere from the Puget Sound to the Gorge in the summer months. Attending the UofO gives me easy access of the Oregon coast which has helped to hone my wave riding and high wind skills.

On instructing: Teaching has been a lot of fun the past few years meeting new people who have the same passion as well as passing on the excitement of the sport to new riders.

Favorite kiting spots: Baja, South Padre Island.

photo: jimstringfellow.com

Tom Dawson  team Rider

Riding since: 1998

Riding style: Freestyle / Waves / Silky-Oldschool

Where you’ll find me: Jetty Island, Double Bluff, Gorge, Maui.
Favorite thing about kiting: The cool thing about kitesurfing is you can travel all over the world and still have room for all your gear!

On instructing: I went thru the Wipika instructor training in 2000, By 2001 we noticed a need to have a school so joining together with North Kiteboarding and Urban Surf, we started Seattle’s first Kiteboarding School. Now I use the safety standards of the IKO for training future kiteboarders and I’ll always be there to launch your kite!

Favorite kiting spots: Rhode Island down to Florida, Texas, California, Las Vegas, Maui, Mexico, Thailand.

Other activities: Skateboarding, Windsurfing.

photo: jimstringfellow.com

Jose Gruart  Team Rider

Riding since: 1999

Riding style: Directional & twin tip / Race / Freeride

Where you’ll find me: Hood River, Richmond, Carkeek, Mags.

Favorite thing about kiting: It’s a wind sport.

Favorite kiting spots: Cuba, S.Padre, Carolinas, La Ventana, Cancun, Grand Cayman, Bonaire.

Other activities: Sailing, Windsurfing, & Putting together an impossible car.

photo: jimstringfellow.com

Allen Beeler  Team Rider

Riding since: 2001

Riding style: Freeride

Where you’ll find me: All over the Puget Sound – Brown’s Point – Damon Point – Jetty Island – to up and down the Columbia River Gorge.

Favorite thing about kiting: Its a craving that doesn’t go away – each session just feeds the addiction.

Other activities: Hanging with friends, Chasing the wind, Snowboarding, Chasing the wind, Traveling – to chase the wind :)

photo: Rob Wallace

Matteo Soltane  Team Rider

Riding since: 2008 9 years old (now 11) 

Riding style: Freeride, Freestyle, Waves 

Where you’ll find me: Jetty, Hood River, Maui 

Favorite thing about kiting: Riding with friends and my Naish kites, the best for kids! 

Other activities: Snowboarding, skateboarding, surfing and soccer.


Jim Stringfellow  Photo / Video Pro

Riding since: 2004 

Riding style: I like freestyle and free riding, but more focus will be given to the strapless discipline this season. 

Where you’ll find me: Locally you can find me either on Lake Washington or any of the Northern Seattle Beaches like Jetty Island and on Whidbey at Double Bluff.

Favorite thing about kiting: The smiles and positive attitude I experience from everyone who is affected by this sport. 

Favorite kiting spots: This might be easier to answer places I have yet to visit! 

Other activities: When I’m not kiteboarding, I’m probably shooting pictures of something.


Penny Laine  Instructor

Riding since: 2000 (but took a few years off in the beginning because the gear was so sketchy). 

Riding style: Freeride / Jumping & Wave-Riding / Downwinders / Land Kiteskating with Longboard. 

Where you’ll find me: Jetty Island, Double Bluff, Hood River, Richmond Beach, and traveling to new destinations.

Favorite thing about kiting: The freedom, excitement, and smiles guaranteed every kiting outing. 

Favorite kiting about instructing: Getting the people excited and educated about the sport and learning how to kite with safety and confidence! 

Favorite kiting spots: Toowoon Bay-Sydney Australia, La Ventana-Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Jones Beach/Nuclear Alley. 

Mantra: If you always do what you've always done, you will always get what you've gotten.


Jeff Rodriguez  graphics / web

Riding since: 2004

Riding style: Freeride / Freestyle / Waves

Where you’ll find me: Keek, GG , RB, Scott Creek, Waddell, Lake Wenatchee.

Favorite thing about kiting: Every session is different.

Favorite kiting spots: Maui, Manzanita, Scott Creek, Waddell, La Ventana, Gorge, Lake Wenatchee

Other activities: Snowboarding, Sushi, Hoops, Music, Guitar.

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