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Kiting Course
(3hrs : All Equipment Included except wetsuit - $20 Rental)
Private: $300
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Its time to hit the water and get hands on experience with the inflatable kites, control bars and associated safety protocols used in Kiteboarding. We cover the fundamental skills of launching, landing,  Water-relaunching, self-rescue, and let you experience the power of these large kites through on water body runs. This comprehensive course is an essential step towards becoming an Independent Kiteboarder. Students will leave with a solid and safe foundation for starting the sport right.  Just pay for half of your lesson in advance to get on the scheduling calendar.... See Details Below

FREE Kiteboarder’s Handbook included with this Course!

IKO Kiteboarder Handbook


Skill Level:
Discovery / Intermediate

Ground Course

Includes all kiting equipment & transportation to/from Jetty Island. 4/3 wetsuit required (Contact School Manager in advace for rental suits $20).


  • All Equipment included except for wetsuit - Rental Wetsuits for $20
  • Course available everyday April - October (by appointment, weather depending, some winter private availability).
  • Instructional spots & meet times are posted by instructors on our Online Training Calendar 1-5 days before, and an email update is sent out to students who have paid for half of their lesson in advance. It is your responsibility to reserve a spot by replying to the instructor on the day of or in the future that fits your schedule. Spots can often go quickly. 
  • Also follow the Jeffrocast for updates on Weather/Tide and School 
  • We are in constant contact to keep all our students on call and informed of the best wind and next opportunity to train with us via the HOT LIST.
  • Jetty Island Trainings meet at the 10th St. Jetty Island boat launch between 1-2pm for equipment issue and transport. Your instructor will be in contact with you to confirm meeting time and make the Final Call the evening before by 8:30pm and update you via email. Look for our Red jet skis moored at the new lower docks to the left of the boat launch in the same parking lot. Map   $3 Parking Fee
  • Other locations and meeting times will be determined by Instructors

Skills Covered (IKO Level 1C,D,E / Level 2F,G,H,I):

  • Rigging / Launching / Landing
  • Safety systems / Emergency release
  • Body runs with the kite / Board retrieval with the kite
  • Water-relaunching the kite / Essential self-rescue techniques
  • Intro to Board Control Skills if student is successful at prior skills

What to bring:

  • Be prepared to be outside for that day’s weather conditions.
  • Be prepared to stay late for the wind to come up. 6-8pm in Summer
  • Suggested: sweater, raincoat, sunscreen, hat, food & water, meds.
  • 4/3 wetsuit (required) can be rented from shop in advance or school manager $20 fee
  • Cash Tip for your instructor if you had a good experience!

Student release of liability:
Download and sign before course, bring to your instructor.


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