"The NEO never influences where or when I get a section. Almost never falls out of the sky. When it does it relaunches incredibly (easy). The NEO is my kite."

-Patri McLaughlin, North Team Kitesurfer

For 2015 Urban Surf will be stocking North Kites Rebel Vegas and Neo models, as well as Quad Control 4-line and Trust 5-line bars, plus Jaime Team Gambler Compact and Whip kiteboards plus NTT or Vario pads and straps!

Most folks will want a 6M 9M 14M kite combo, but Urban Surf will have or will quickly order whatever you need.

Buy online at www.UrbanSurf.com, call the shop at (206) 545-WIND, or stop by 2100 N Northlake Way Seattle Wa 98103.