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Onewheel Electric Board

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Last stop before we get to buy actual hoverboards. 'Good enough for yours truly, who bought one sight-on-scene and have not looked back- except to ride backwards! Buy buy buy. Rides great on or off pavement. Carve pow turns through your neighbor's back yard. Get it?

Call (206) 545 WIND to order.

Motor: Electric Brushless, in Hub

Battery: Lithium, under back foot

Frame: Aluminum

Tire: Go Cart racing slick

Lights: Color changing LED

Protection: Replaceable skid plate ends

Control: tilt board forward or back

Charging: 20-40 minutes 

Range: 5 miles or less

Adjustability: iPhone app lights mode & charge indicator

Modes: Classic Extreme & Elevated to choose from

Sector 9
Original Skate