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11'2 Starboard Blend Wood- red SUP

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“Ultimate flat water to wave cross-over.” The 11’2” x 30” is a proven shape with excellent flat water performance and great wave riding characteristics for its size. Ample nose flip makes it easier for the novice’s first time into waves, without taking away from its exceptional glide qualities. Outline and extra V between the feet gives the experienced long-boarder a looser more agile ride, while still being able to soul ride up on the nose, making it the perfect Blend. “Round nose to flat concave in the middle with V in the tail.”

•Red PU painted ding-resistant rails. •Impact resistant wood deck. •Three-quarter deck pad with 4mm square-groove EVA foam in the standing area, and 2mm EVA fore and aft, with light-weight Startouch deck traction on the nose. •All boards 9’8” and shorter feature an integrated EVA kicker on the tail. •All center fins are Blue Starboard Hexcel. •Side fins are Blue Starboard Hexcel for Pro models and Starboard flex fins for the rest. •Weight: 11.87 KG

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