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Magnuson Park
S / SE

photo: jimstringfellow.com


Launches don’t get a whole lot sketchier than they do at Maggies. The wind is constantly being rotored due to the many large trees that rim the shoreline of the popular Lake Washington park. If you choose to ride here, it’s highly advisable to have someone hold you down when you launch. Further, if the wind has any westerly component in it, riding here is not recommended. Any west in the wind will make it extremely difficult to make it back to the beach. It will also rotor the wind to a point where launching will be dangerous. Otherwise, enjoy the fresh water, and note that in winter it’s much cooler than the Sound.


October - March


  • Most often associated with pre/post frontal storms.
  • Use the 520 Bridge sensor which also has a cam.
  • Squalls can ramp up without notice and can be deadly.

caMS / SeNSorS

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