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Kite School

On-Water Lessons Begin May 26th 2017

Learning to kiteboard has never been so easy! With progressive advancements in equipment safety and kite technology, combined with the latest instructional techniques, the learning curve is cut in half. We have courses for every rider from entry level to advanced.

Level 1: Discovery

Ground Course

+ Group Lesson: $100 / 2hrs

+ Private Lesson: $145 / 2hrs

Level 2: Intermediate

Kiting Course

Individual Lesson: $345 / 3hrs

(Add a friend +$100)

Level 3: Independent

Riding Course

Individual Lesson: $115 / hr

(Jetski Support  145 / hr)


Urban Surf is the NW’s premier source for Kiteboarding training, equipment, advice, repair, and travel. We speak from experience, bringing some of the first inflatable kites to our NW Waterways over 10 years ago. From there, the sky was the limit...literally!

We are the only Internationally Certified Kiteboarding Center in Washington State. Our aim is to educate and share the excitement of this powerful new sport through our IKO Certified Training Program!

We will introduce you to the growing community of NW kiteboarders the right way, with a fully insured school, professionally certified instructors, and full jet ski supported on water training.

Urban Surf is dedicated to developing Independent Kiteboarders through education, training, and experience.

Book a your course online today or contact us for more information at: