LiB Tech LOST Round Nose Rish Waterboards are trickling in at Urban Surf in Seattle. One 5'8" barely had time to shed its wrapping before getting bought by a stoked PNW ripper! Minutes later a 7' LiB Pickupstick found a new home with another WA regular and great return customer. Matt Biolos visited earlier this year to chat and he assures you that you will be stoked on the new LOST RNF made locally by Mervin Mfg.

!!!DEMO LiBs at Urban Surf: 7' Pickupstick | 6'6 Extension Ramp | 6'4" Bowl | 6' Ringer | 5'10" Short Round | 5'5" Puddle Jumper available - $25 / 1 day rental good towards purchase!!!