Lib Tech surfboard review: 5'10" LOST Puddle Fish -VS- 7'0" Pickup Stick

We at Urban Surf have had a chance to surf both the LibXLOST Puddle Fish and the Libtech Pickup Stick a few times and love them both. Many customers come into the shop looking for a good "Washington board" meaning they need a board to use when the waves are a bit choppy or mushier than they'd hoped when they left home on the long drive to the Pacific Coast or Strait. 

Puddle Fish: the 5'10" has a volume of 38 liters which means it can milk small and mushy waves. The 2 channel bottom hides a little rocker and helps get this little fatty get more vertical in the pocket, and allows for pretty tight roundhouse cutbacks; a little better than other swallowtail fish we've ridden. If the waves get steeper the Puddle Fish gets you in early but skids a little heavier bottom turns with its thicker rails up front. Duckdives pretty well despite its high volume. 

Pickup Stick 7'0" is a longboard in a can. Somehow we have acheived full 10 toes-on-the-noserides on this funboard. On the other side of the coin - the Pickup Stick is very rippable with a rounded pintail and enough rocker to finish off floaters. Speed thru every part of the turn is especially high with the quad set-up. Fast down the line and pumpable for extra speed. The Pickupstick 7'0" is still duckdiveable and does not wash out on full bore bottom turns. 

Both the Puddle Fish and Pickup Stick are great "grovelers" and travel boards. After using both our conclusion is that if you like skate-style small wave ripping - go with the Puddle Fish. If you like longboarding but dont have the space or want to "step up" in wave size or transition down to smaller boards - go with the Pickupstick 7'0." 

Both the 5'10" Puddle Fish and 7'0" Pickup Stick (and other Libtech Waterboards) are available for DEMO at Urban Surf for only $30 / day.