The exciting Urban Surf Summer SUP Series 2017 has come to a close.

Much thanks to Volunteer Mark McAlpin for scoring all season and to Owner Robin and Caroline Ogaard for the apre-race 8 refreshments. 

Be sure to support Sanuk SUPBUDDY and Buoy- our race sponsors - who showed up with functional cool prizes for division winners. Buoy styled out the top racers with floating hats. Sanuk furnished top paddlers with kicks as cushy as a couch. SUPBUDDY rewarded and enabled our Thirstiest Paddler Award receipients.

Everyone did a great job racing this year but hats off to the 5 racers who attended all 8 of 8 races of 2017!

Thanks to all (new) racers crew specators and volunteers for your support. See you all in 2018.

To check 2017 race results and 2017 final standings CLICK HERE