Urban Surf has your surfboard bag needs "covered" (get-it?) from 5'6" to 10'6."

Boardsocks made of acrylic terrycloth with a drawstring can be good for sun dust and rooftop debris damage prevention.

The next level of padding comes in Day Light ot Daylite bags with minimal padding of 2mm to 5mm.

Fancier Day Use bags will feature higher denier outer Nylon than day light bags and 5mm foam.

The thickest -10mm Travel surfboard bags vary quite a bit in what 10mm thick means. For example: The Creatures of Leisure Retro Fish Travel is a 10mm thick bag that can be used anytime, whereas the Pro-Lite T Reyes Smuggler Series Travel surfboard bags are crazy thick and a little too heavy for anything but airline travel.

Creatures of Leisure Rareform DaKine and Pro-Lite make great surfboard bags in a huge variety of widths thicknesses and weights for any need from storage to a huge surf trip to Indo.