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Starboard 11'2" Astro Blend iSUP - Zen 2017

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The Starboard Blend SUP is a great iSUP for surfing and cruising - the Astro Zen is the 4" thick inflatable model.

If you surf tour yoga whitewater travel expeditdion then grab an Astro Zen Blend | Widepoint | Whopper | 2016 Blend - ON SALE from Urban Surf in Seattle. Comes with quality roller bag, collapsing dual-stage pump, and other treasures. 



SPECS: 10'5" X 32" 235 liters

LAYUP: 4.75"" linear dropstitch / PVC

HANDLE:  strap with removable pad

FIN: 2 welded + 1 US finbox included

FEATURE: 2 + 1 carbon rail | soft deckpad | D Rings

BEST FOR: Surfing | Crusing | Escaping | Whitewater | Yoga

ALTERNATIVE: 10'8" Red PaddleCO Ride iSUP



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