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Jetty Island
N / NW

photo: jimstringfellow.com


The area’s premiere light wind summer kiting spot. the water is fairly shallow for a long ways out making it a perfect spot to learn and progress. At low tide the beach is huge! it is an island so crossing the 300m channel is the only obstacle. Many use inflatable boats or kayaks (life jacket & whistle required) to cross. there is also a free ferry that typically runs from July 4 through Labor day.


April - September


  • Clear skies and warm temps are usually good signs for wind, while cloud cover is often associated with calm conditions.
  • Look for strong westerlies in the East entrance of the Straits of Juan De Fuca (15-20 or better), and a solid NW push (15-20 or better) through Admiralty Inlet / Point Wilson.
  • Thermal driven spot. Best wind is usually in the afternoons.

caMS / SeNSorS

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